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Make the Most of Your Profile

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on Profiles.

Before hiring, more workplaces are performing social screening to evaluate a candidate’s character, personality, and fit with their companies. For this reason, present yourself appropriately in your Blackboard profile, which is intended for lifelong academic and professional networking.

With social screening, workplaces can sometimes discover the following information:

  • How you present yourself
  • How well you communicate
  • If you would be a good fit with their company cultures
  • Learn more about your qualifications
  • Determine if you are a well-rounded individual
  • Look for reasons not to hire you

You choose how the world sees you. Give the right impression through the pictures and words you use. Choose photos and topics that convey a professional image. Avoid using or saying anything provocative or inappropriate.

Make sure what you say online accurately represents how you want a future employer to see you. Check and recheck what you write before posting. Spelling mistakes look bad and are easy to catch and fix. Post positive and constructive comments. Avoid making discriminatory comments and talking about drinking or using drugs.

As you present yourself online, you must be safe.

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