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Blackboard Store

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the Blackboard Store.

You can see a comprehensive list of all necessary course materials that your instructors have selected. Then, you can make purchases directly within the Blackboard Learn platform. The Blackboard Store provides many benefits directly to you:

  • Personalized buying experience and increased convenience due to an integrated materials list and one-stop shop functionality
  • Diverse offering of used, rental, new, and e-textbooks all in one location with known savings
  • Lower prices for print textbooks
  • Guaranteed print buyback options
  • Increased convenience of storing all digital content in one location
  • Call center available 24/7 (except for holidays)

The Blackboard Store is available only if your institution has turned it on through an agreement with Blackboard. After it is activated by your institution, your instructors can select the course materials necessary for their classes. The Store then integrates those material lists for all of your courses and you can access them in one convenient location in Blackboard Learn.

Purchase textbooks and materials

Your institution may enable you to access the Blackboard Store before your courses are available. Then, you can purchase textbooks and materials before the start of class.

Blackboard Bookshelf

The Blackboard Store also includes the Blackboard Bookshelf with an advanced e-Reader, digital bookshelf, and mobile compatibility. You can view books you have purchased in the Blackboard Store here.