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The Bookmark page displays all of the current user’s bookmarks. Selecting a bookmark immediately opens a folder without having to take the steps to navigate to the exact path. Bookmarks enable quick access to frequently used content without having to navigate through several folders. From this page users can add and remove bookmarks or simply click on a bookmark to go to the marked folder. Users may use bookmarks to quickly find items and areas in the Content Collection that have been shared with them by other users.

Bookmarks can be organized into folders and even folders within folders. The Content Collection offers the flexibility to create sophisticated and deep bookmark storage. Keep in mind that the purpose of bookmarks is to provide quick access to content, and the organization of bookmarks should not be more complicated than the organization of the content.

If a file that has a bookmark is overwritten, the file must be refreshed before the new file appears when the bookmark is selected.

How to Find this page

Select Bookmarks on the Content Collection menu from the shortcut view.

The Bookmarks page includes the following functions.

Bookmarks Page Functions
To . . . Click . . .
Add a bookmark Create Bookmark in the Action Bar.
Delete a bookmark Delete after selecting the check boxes for the bookmarks to be deleted. If a bookmark is deleted by mistake, it must be recreated from the Add Bookmark page.
Follow a bookmark the bookmark title. The folder the bookmark is linked to opens.
Add a bookmark folder Create Bookmark Folder. The Create Bookmark Folder page appears. Enter a name for the folder and click Submit.
Change a bookmark Edit from the contextual menu. The Edit Bookmark page appears. The user may change the link or name of the bookmark from this page.
Edit the item the bookmark is pointing to Edit from the contextual menu. The Edit item page appears. The user may change the properties, metadata, permissions and other aspects of the item. This link only appears if the user has write or manage permissions for the item.
Move a bookmark select the bookmark and click Move. The Move Bookmarks page appears. The user may change the destination folder for the bookmark.

Invalid Bookmarks

When an item that has been added as a bookmark is deleted from the Content Collection, the bookmark becomes invalid. Invalid bookmarks are identified on the Bookmarks page and grayed out, so they cannot be selected. The Delete option can be used to delete invalid bookmarks.

Adding Bookmarks

A bookmark is a link to an item or folder in the Content Collection. Bookmarks are convenient for opening folders that are accessed frequently or for remembering the location of an important, but seldom used or hard-to-find folder.

Bookmarks are added from the Create Bookmark page as well as a content area. After a bookmark is added, it appears on the Bookmarks page.

How to Add a Bookmark

  1. From a content area, select the check box of the file or folder to be bookmarked.
  2. Click Bookmark Items.
  3. Type a name for the bookmark. The location is already identified.