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Blackboard Help

Organizing the User Folder

A user folder is created the first time a user enters the Content Collection. The name of this folder is the same as the username. This area may be organized according to the individual’s needs.

Your institution determines whether username folders are granted for all users or only users with certain roles.

Storing Content

Users should organize their user folder so that personal files and shared files are easy to access and manage. The user folder is a good area to for storing documents that are in development and private files. This area may also be used as a working space for group collaboration. The following are some examples of folders which may be helpful to create:

  • Private Folder: A working area where projects that are in progress are stored. This folder is not shared with any users.
  • Group folders: Group collaboration folders, shared with other group members, where projects may be worked on together.
  • Private Course material folders: If the user is an instructor, a folder in this area may be used to store private course information, such as StudentGrades.

Granting Permissions

Users should only grant read permission on the top-level username folder. Granting additional permissions to this folder makes it difficult to manage and organize the contents. If other users are granted read permission to the top-level folder, don’t forget to remove permissions for any sub-folders or items that should remain private.