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Subscribing to Folder Notifications

Users can subscribe to a directory to receive notification that items were added, or that certain items were edited (such as permission or metadata changes). Users must have manage permissions on the item to subscribe.

From the contextual menu for the appropriate folder, click Notifications.

The Notifications page contains the following functions:

Notifications Page Functions
Function Description
Location Displays the path for the folder.
Create Notifications Click this to add a notification to this folder.
Remove Click this to remove any selected notifications.
Subscriber Displays the name of user who has subscribed to this folder.
Frequency Displays the frequency of this notification.
Notification Type Displays the notification type.
Expiration Date Displays the expiration date for this notification.

How to Subscribe to a Folder

  1. From the folder's contextual menu, click Notifications.
  2. Click Create Notifications.
  3. Select the type of notification to receive: Folder Modification, Contents Accessed, and/or Comment Modification. Users can select one or all of these types.
  4. Select the notification frequency by clicking either the Immediately or Daily radio button. Immediately means an email is sent every time something changes within the folder. Daily means a daily digest is sent containing of all of the changes on a folder for a specific notification type.
  5. Choose the expiration date for this notification by clicking the Date Specified option and using the month, day, and year fields. Click the No Date option to specify no expiration date.
  6. Click Submit when finished.