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Portfolios collect and organize pieces of work completed over time. They are compilations of work with a general purpose or goal to showcase progress and achievement. Users are given tools to present their information in a cohesive, personalized format using three different types of portfolios:

Portfolio Types
Portfolio Type Description
Personal Portfolios

Personal Portfolios feature tools for personalizing the Portfolio’s style. Users are able to personalize colors, fonts, background images, and overall content layout. The content presented in a Personal Portfolio is created through the use of Artifacts.

Portfolio templates can be used when creating a personal portfolio. Templates can control all aspects of the portfolio style and overall layout. Template designers have the flexibility to define whether certain template settings are restricted (and cannot be altered). Designing a template requires administrator privileges.

Basic Portfolios Basic Portfolios serve as a simple tool for quickly creating a Portfolio. Basic Portfolios do not use Artifacts during creation, making it more difficult to reuse content between portfolios. Administrators have the option to turn off Basic Portfolios, so they may not be available.
Outcomes Portfolios To create an Outcomes Portfolio, your institution must license outcomes assessment. Outcomes Portfolios form a standardized workflow for the review of Portfolios. Outcomes Portfolios form a standardized workflow for the review of Portfolios. Outcomes Portfolios are always generated from a template to ensure consistency.

Accessing Portfolios

The Portfolios Homepage displays a user's Portfolios, Artifacts, and Received Portfolios. This page is accessed by opening the Portfolio menu on the Jump to menu in the Content Collection.

The My Portfolios page is the launching point for viewing, creating, and reviewing portfolios. The My Portfolios page is accessible from the left navigation controls on the Content Collection tab or from the My Portfolios portal module which may appear on other tabs.

Click a portfolio name to view it. Portfolio names are displayed as hyperlinks. The portfolio will open in a new tab or window depending on the browser settings.

Portfolios Homepage

Portfolio Search

Portfolio Search returns a list of portfolios. It can search by username (the portfolio owner), title, description, and learning objectives. The resulting list includes information on the portfolio type, availability, and links to comments and portfolio settings. The search will only return the portfolios that you have permissions to see. Portfolio search is available from the Search Content menu in the Content Collection.

Portfolio Search

Differences between Personal and Basic Portfolios

Basic and Personal Portfolios have a few differences that you need to be aware of before you begin. Understanding the differences between the two types of Portfolios will help you choose the best option.

Use the following table to decide which portfolio offers the best features for your project.

Portfolio Features
Available Features Basic Portfolios Personal Portfolios
Add Artifacts   X
Add Content Collection Items X X
Design Button Style X X
Design Background Style   X
Design Page Layout   X
View, Share, and Add Comments X X
Define Title and Heading Fonts   X
Set Project Status   X
Organize Pages by Drag and Drop Page Reordering   X
Organize Pages by Keyboard Accessible Reordering   X
Ability to Preview the Portfolio   X