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Managing Personal Portfolios

Users can manage options for a personal portfolio on the Edit Personal Portfolio page. Access the Edit Personal Portfolio page by clicking My Portfolios on the Portfolios Homepage. Access a portfolio's contextual menu and select Edit.

Edit Personal Portfolio

The following options are available:

  • Edit Portfolio
  • Share Portfolio
  • Comments
  • Portfolio to Go

How to Edit a Portfolio

Editing options appear as links to access each step of the portfolio creation process. The portfolio properties are listed as links marked with icons indicating their status, either in progress or complete.

Edit Personal Portfolio Options

How to Share a Portfolio

A portfolio can be shared with anyone inside or outside your institution with an email account and access to the Internet. A portfolio must be made available before it can be shared with anyone. Edit the settings of the portfolio to access the availability option. All users with whom a Portfolio is shared have the ability to find it using the Portfolio Search.

Use the following table to determine which sharing option to choose.

Portfolio Sharing Settings
Who? What Happens?
Blackboard Learn Users The portfolio is listed in the user's Received Personal Portfolios.
External Users A URL is created and emailed to the specified users to access your Portfolio.
Courses or Organizations The portfolio is listed in the Portfolios tool in the course or organization. Members of those courses and organizations can search for your portfolios.
Institution roles All users with that role may search for your Portfolio.
All System Accounts Any user on the system may search for your Portfolio.
  1. On the Portfolios Homepage, click My Portfolios.
  2. Access a portfolio's contextual menu and select Edit.

    Click Edit from the contextual menu

  3. Click Share Portfolio.
  4. On the action bar, point to Share with to access the drop-down list and select one of the available options. Options include: Users, External Users, Courses, Organizations, Institution Roles, and All System Accounts. Sharing your portfolio with users or external users will open an email form. If you share your portfolio with courses or organizations, you will need to browse for the course or organization. If you chose to share with specific roles, you will select the roles from a list. Sharing with all system accounts requires you to confirm your action.

    share personal portfolios

  5. Complete the form on the page that appears after you select the specific user type.
  6. Click Submit to share your portfolio.

    Share with Form

How to Manage Comments

Comments are used to provide feedback from peers and instructors. The Comments page includes columns displaying the date posted, the author who posted the comment, and the comment text. The comment subject is displayed as a hyperlink, clicking the link will open the comment text below the subject. Comments can be sorted by clicking the column title link.

Comments are viewed, added, and deleted from this page. Only the comment author may delete a comment.

  1. On the Portfolios Homepage, click My Portfolios.
  2. Access a portfolio's contextual menu and select Edit.


  3. Click Comments to view any comments on your portfolio.

    View Comments

How to Package and Download a Portfolio

Packaging your portfolio in a zip file allows you to store and move your portfolio on your personal computer. Any personal portfolio and its contents may be downloaded as a compressed zip file. The zip file contains the HTML pages and artifacts that make up the entire personal portfolio. This tool is useful for allowing users to archive older personal portfolios onto a personal computer.

  1. On the Portfolios Homepage, click My Portfolios.
  2. Access a portfolio's contextual menu and select Edit.

    Edit Portfolio

  3. Click Package the Portfolio.
  4. Click Download. A pop-up window appears with options to open or save the personal portfolio.

    Download Package

  5. Click Save and choose a desired location.

    Save the zip file

Windows users should double-click the zip file and select Extract. Macintosh users should double-click the zip file. Open the file named index.html to view the portfolio. Be aware that if buttons are used for portfolio menu navigation, the buttons will be replaced with text links.