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Grade Center Improvements

Blackboard has made several improvements to grading and Grade Center in Service Pack 14:

  • My Grades ordering and design update: This enhancement provides a new default option for the order grades are displayed in.
  • Define “Score attempts using” setting from the Options page: This is a workflow improvement to ensure that instructors know about and can easily find this setting for tools that support multiple attempts.
  • Test total points adjustment: This enhancement addresses the total points possible for tests, and the need to adjust the total points possible.
  • Grading schemas greater than 100%: This enhancement allows for schema percentages to be greater than 100%.

My Grades Ordering and Design Update

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Several changes were made:

  • The Order by drop-down list allows students to change order by course, last activity, or due date. By default, items are ordered by course, which displays items in the order the instructor has arranged them in Grade Center.
  • Students can narrow the list of items by selecting All, Graded, Upcoming, and Submitted. For example, a student can select Graded to view only the rows that have been graded by the instructor.
  • The text size and row spacing have been reduced, resulting in more information being displayed on the page at once. Feedback is included right inline, so a student doesn’t need to click anything to view it—it just shows up on the page.

To learn more see, My Grades.

New Score Attempts

A Score attempts using drop-down list has been added to the Test Options and Create Assignment pages.

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Test Total Points Adjustment

In an earlier release, a change was made to Grade Center columns that were created automatically to show test results. In this release, instructors can adjust the total Points Possible for a test while maintaining the integrity of the previous change described above.

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Grading Schemas Greater Than 100%

Instructors can now make the uppermost value in a grading schema greater than 100%. For example, if a student earns 100% or more, an instructor may choose to assign A+ to those scores. To learn more, see About Grading Schemas.

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To Learn More

To learn more see, Grade Center and My Grades.