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Mobile Web Services 94.7.4

Building Block Name: Blackboard Mobile Web Services 

Latest Version: 94.7.4

Date Released: August 31, 2015

Minimum Learn Version

Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP13 and later


The Mobile Web Services building block enables users to use Blackboard mobile apps, including:

Version 94.7.4 resolves multiple issues in Bb Student Version 1.1.

Resolved Issues for Bb Student

  • Disabled users in a course cause the course to be inaccessible for all users

  • Past courses combined with current courses results in many courses shown to users

  • Inconsistent grades for surveys across shown across platforms

  • Invalid links to embedded content items in course content

  • Current grade incorrectly displays override grades

Default State

On a fresh install of Learn, the Mobile Learn Building Block is inactive by default, and will need to be activated and registered with the Mobile Learn Central Service, which can be completed from within the Building Block.

For Learn instances that already have an older version of the Mobile Learn Building Block, updating to the latest version will retain the same state as the previous version. If the previous version was active and registered, the new version will retain the registration without any additional action on the administrator’s part.

Disabling and Removing the Building Block

If the administrator disables or removes the Building Block, users will not be able to locate their Learn instance when using the Mobile Learn, Bb Student, or Bb Grader school picker. The administrator must re-enable, or re-install the Building Block.

To learn more, see Install Building Blocks.


  • Administrators install the building block and register the institution.
  • Instructors use the app to review and grade student submissions.

To learn more, see Roles and Privileges.


The Mobile Learn Building Block must be registered with the Mobile Learn Central Service, which can be completed from the Building Block.

To learn more, see Configure and Register Blackboard Mobile Web Services.

Accessing the Build

The Mobile Web Services Building Block version 94.7.4 was released through Software Updates on August 31, 2015.

Blackboard Mobile strongly recommends that all clients, self-hosted and those that use Managed Hosting, upgrade the Mobile Web Services Building Block. For recommendations and best practices when upgrading building blocks, please see Article #35604 – Recommended Building Block Upgrade Order and Best Practices.

Blackboard services will need to be restarted on each server in the environment in a rolling fashion.

Managed Hosting Clients

Managed Hosting clients should create a case on Behind the Blackboard to schedule the recommended server restarts after Building Blocks are updated. To expedite the scheduling process, please include a desired day and time for the restarts to begin.

Note: Version 94.7.4 applies only to Blackboard Learn environments running Service Pack 13 and higher. Older service packs are to remain running version 4.5.1. However, Bb Student is only compatible with Blackboard Learn environments running Service Pack 14 and higher.

If you have any questions about upgrading, please submit a support case on Behind the Blackboard.