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Social Learning Tools Release Notes: Oct 2013

Release Information

Launch Date: October 15, 2013

Requirements and Dependencies

Bidirectional communication to the Cloud Services is required. If you are running Blackboard from behind a firewall as a test server or for security reasons, you will need to open the firewall to use these features. To open bidirectional communication to Cloud Services, you must configure your firewall to allow responses from, and allow requests to and Port 443.

Supported Platforms

The update requires the following platforms, including the stated minimum Cumulative Patch (CP):

Resolved Issues

This version is a minor maintenance release to resolve several issues.

  • Thread contention caused by Spring-Java charset lookups during communication with the Cloud
  • Excessive cloud-profile heartbeat requests
  • Courses missing from People area. Courses are now force synced when Cloud Profiles is turned on.

To Learn More

To learn more about the changes, see Cloud Management and Social Learning Tools Building Block.

To learn how to install and activate Building Blocks, see Install Building Blocks.