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Social Learning Tools Release Notes: Dec 2013

Release Information

Launch Date: December 11, 2013

Building Blocks Released: Software Updates (3.6.2), Cloud Profiles (3.6.2), Social Profiles & Tools (3.6.2)

Requirements and Dependencies

Install the released Building Blocks in the following order:

  1. Software Updates
  2. Cloud Profiles
  3. Social Profiles & Tools

Supported Platforms

The update requires the following platforms, including the stated minimum Cumulative Patch (CP):

Release Highlights

  • New workflow that presents every end-user with individual terms of service to accept before they can access any of the Cloud Profiles and Social features. This will also be used in some, but not all, xpLor contexts.
  • The interface provides an optional component for the institution to communicate their own institutional policy statement regarding the use of third-party cloud services to the student. This institutional policy statement is not intended to be used as a contractual agreement.
  • Individual users will have the ability to delete their Profile from the cloud service at their discretion, as long as they have access to the Profile through a Blackboard Learn instance (or, for xpLor users, through another supported Learning Management System).
  • After 12 months of inactivity, the cloud service will send an email to the end-user’s Primary Email Address identified in their Profile indicating that their Profile will be deleted automatically unless they take steps to retain it.
  • The system administrator will be able to “blacklist” select Courses or Organizations so that those selected Courses and Organizations will not appear in the People tool nor enable discovery and viewing of the Profile by other users enrolled in the Course or Organization. This allows system administrators to ensure those institution-wide Courses or Organizations do not circumvent a user's privacy setting.

Resolved Issues

  • Building Block installations through Software Updates no longer fail without a successful Cloud connection
  • Global Navigation no longer indicates New Messages when None Exist
  • User is now correctly returned after saving Cloud Profile.

To Learn More

To learn more about the changes, see Profiles Opt-In, Cloud Management, and Social Learning Tools Building Block.

To learn how to install and activate Building Blocks, see Install Building Blocks.