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Blackboard Help

Service Pack and Security Patch Maintenance

Blackboard supports operating system and database service packs and security patches for the operating systems and databases supported for use with Blackboard Learn. Blackboard will test, certify, and, if necessary, provide fixes to ensure that Blackboard systems work with service packs and security patches.

There is, necessarily, a short lag time between a service pack release and the completion of testing. Even during this interim testing period, however, Blackboard will provide support for just released operating system and database service packs and security patches.

Note:  This policy does not include support for subsequent releases. For example, if Blackboard supports version 1 of a database system any security patches or service packs for version 1 will be supported.

Blackboard will not support a version 2 release of the same database system until that version has been properly tested and published as part of the software requirements for that release of the Blackboard system.

How to Apply a Service Pack or Security Patch after Installing Blackboard Learn

  1. Back up the system.
  2. Shut down Blackboard Learn.
  3. Contact Blackboard Technical Support by logging in to Behind the Blackboard at to check for any prerequisite maintenance that may be required to ensure compatibility with an OS or DBMS service pack or security patch.
  4. Apply the operating system or database service pack or Security patch to the test/development environment.
  5. Restart the test/development server.
  6. Ensure that system is still shutdown. If auto start mechanisms are configured to restart Blackboard after a server restart, remember to shut down the Blackboard system before continuing.
  7. Apply any necessary Blackboard prerequisite maintenance to the test/development Blackboard systems.
  8. Restart the Blackboard systems.
  9. Check the results either by testing your critical path features or by running your verification procedures.
  10. If results are satisfactory, back up the system again. (If not, please log a service request with Blackboard Technical Support by logging in to Behind the Blackboard at describing the failure.)