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Deploy Blackboard Learn for Sun

Customers who deploy Blackboard Learn on Sun hardware have the flexibility to choose from a variety of server architectures that support Solaris, Linux, and Windows. Sun offers hardware models built on UltraSPARC T2/T1, AMD Opteron, and Intel Xeon processor platforms.

The UltraSPARC architecture is well suited for Blackboard Learn. Clients can deploy either the Sun Fire™ T5120/T5220 server for price and throughput performance, or the Sun Fire™ T5140/T5240 for overall throughput performance. All 6 units have the capacity to scale to 6 cores or 8 cores with a minimum of 16GB of memory. The Sun Fire™ T5140/T5240 has the capacity of 2 sockets per physical machine.

Blackboard recommends leveraging both physical and virtual configurations. For years, the Blackboard products have been deployed in distributed manner across multiple physical servers. This configuration remains as the primary option for availability and scalability. In recent releases, many Blackboard customers have introduced virtualized configurations within a physical server using technology such as Solaris Zones. The combination of both physical and virtualized configurations has introduced resiliency, scalability, and high performance. In Blackboard Learn Release 9.1, Blackboard introduced a 100% 64-bit offering for all certified and supported operating systems (OSs) as an additional deployment approach to integrate with physical and virtual configurations.