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(Optional) Set Up Database Clustering and Storage for UNIX

These steps are optional. Many institutions will have no need to set up RAC or to set up the data files and index files on a separate storage device. If these options are unnecessary, proceed to the instructions for setting up a separate file system server.

Oracle RAC

Blackboard offers support for Oracle RAC with all versions of Oracle supported by Blackboard. To learn more, see Supported Technologies in the Release Notes for the release that you are installing. For information about running Blackboard Learn with RAC, see Oracle RAC Support.

Setup a Separate Storage Device for the Data Files and Log Files

The Installer will prompt for the directory where the database data files and log files should be stored. For information about storing these files on a separate device, see the Oracle documentation. Keep in mind that the storage device should have a dedicated, high-bandwidth connection to the database server.