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(Optional) Set Up File System Storage for UNIX

Setting up file system storage on a separate storage device is an optional step for Blackboard Learn - Enterprise Edition clients.

Note:  Blackboard Learn - Basic Edition clients must use the local default location of /usr/local/blackboard/content.

Network File Share and Common Internet File System

Clients on UNIX platforms should use a network file share (NFS).

Clients on Windows platforms should use a common Internet file system (CIFS).

About File System Storage

All of the content files for Blackboard Learn, such as files uploaded to Courses and image files, are stored in the blackboard/content directory. If your institution licenses content management, the Content Collection has several content directories, each one dedicated to one of the top-level directories. For example, the /library directory stores all the files for the Library.

In a load-balanced configuration, this location must be accessible by all of the application servers. The location can be a share on one of the application servers or on the database server, or it can be a SAN (storage area network) or NAS (network-attached storage) on a separate file server.

These instructions detail how to set up the blackboard/content directory on a separate file server. The same methods can be repeated to set up the content management directories on a separate file server.

How to Set Up Shared File System

Follow these steps to setup the blackboard/content directory on another server.

  1. Log in to the file system server and create a directory that will store the content files.
  2. Log in to the application server and create a mount at usr/local/blackboard/content that points directly to the content directory on the file system server. Using a symbolic link may cause problems with permissions when using building blocks.