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Troubleshoot UNIX Installation

This topic lists some of the common problems that occur during installation and possible solutions.

Log File

The Installer creates a log file named bb_installer_log.txt. This file is found in the blackboard/logs directory.

If the Installer fails, check the log file to help determine the problem. The log file includes a considerable amount of information about the installation process. Each time the Installer is run, the attempt is appended to the log file. Make sure to focus on the latest attempt, which will be last in the log file.

Because of the amount of information in the log file, the problem may not be immediately apparent. Try searching for the following strings at the bottom of the installation log: BUILD FAILED or Root Cause. Look closely at the log file both above and below the search string (BUILD FAILED or Root Cause) for the reason the installation failed.

If the log file does not help diagnose the problem, keep a copy of the file in case you need to contact Blackboard Technical Support by logging in to Behind the Blackboard. Technical Support will use the log file to diagnose the problem.

Blackboard Support Site and Knowledge Base

The Blackboard Knowledge Base, which is accessible through Behind the Blackboard, includes several articles that may address your problem. If a login for Behind the Blackboard is unavailable, please contact a Blackboard Account Manager.

Contact Blackboard Technical Support

For information about contacting Blackboard Technical Support, log in to Behind the Blackboard.