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Step 4: Export Section Content Packages From CE 8

The content from the desired sections in the CE 8 institution must be exported as packages so that they can be imported into Blackboard Learn. This process is completed using the existing backup_request.xml configuration file and the backupRestoreCLI command. The resulting packages will be used in Step 5: Import CE 8 Sections Into Blackboard Learn as Courses.

Exporting the content packages can be a time-consuming process. Blackboard recommends exporting subsets of your sections or using a node outside the load-balancing pool.

In addition, exporting large amounts of data can result is Out of Memory errors. If enough memory is available, these errors may be caused by the current heap size. To avoid these errors, increase the COMMAND_LINE_JVM_OPTIONS max heap size in the file on the CE 8 server before running the export.

Complete this procedure on any managed node using the command line on the CE 8 server.

  1. Log in to the CE 8 server with system administrator privileges for the institution.
  2. Navigate to the CE 8 directory using the following command.


    cd /BEA directory/weblogic92/config/CE8 directory


    cd \BEA directory\weblogic92\config\CE8 directory

  3. Copy the backup_request.xml file from the CE8 directory on the CE 8 server to the migrateToLearn folder on the Blackboard Learn server.
  4. Using a text editor, open and edit the backup_request.xml file to export the appropriate content packages:

    To export the content of all sections in CE 8, edit the query_item column_name parameter as follows:

    <query_item column_name="Source Id" condition="notBlank" value="" operator="and"/>

    To export only certain sections from CE 8, edit the query_item column_name using the information in the Vista 8/CE 8 Enterprise Operations Guide available on Behind the Blackboard.

  5. Create the content packages specified in the backup_request.xml file using the backupRestoreCLI command.


    ./ --action=backup --backupdir=/tmp/migrateToLearn --configfile=/tmp/migrateToLearn/backup_request.xml --logfile=/tmp/migrateToLearn/archive.log --username=username --password=password --glcid=glcId


    backupRestoreCLI.cmd --action=backup --backupdir=c:\temp\migrateToLearn --configfile=c:\temp\migrateToLearn\backup_request.xml --logfile=c:\temp\migrateToLearn\archive.log --username=username --password=password --glcid=glcId

  6. Copy the resulting content packages (*.bak) from the migrateToLearn directory on the CE 8 server to the migrateFromCE directory on the Blackboard Learn server.