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Step 3: Import Vista 8 User Data Into Blackboard Learn

All users from the Vista 8 institution must added to the Blackboard Learn user database. This process is completed using the LMSImport command and the snapshot.xml file resulting from Step 2: Export All Data From Vista 8.

Importing user data into Blackboard Learn from an existing system preserves user account data such as login ID, role, and so on, but user-related data such as passwords, quiz attempts, section membership information, group enrollment, and so on will not be included. For specific information about lost and retained data, refer to Understanding the Changes in Release 9.1.

This procedure will create new users in Blackboard Learn, but it will not update any existing user information. In other words, if a user with the same user_id already exists in Blackboard Learn, the user will not be updated or merged. Depending on the switches used with the import command, Blackboard Learn can add a prefix or suffix the user_id to distinguish between the two.

Enterprise Edition clients only: Before you begin, make sure that you have created a data source key for the user data being imported. To learn more, see Data Source Keys.

Complete this procedure using the command line of the Blackboard Learn server.

  1. Log in to the Blackboard Learn server with system administrator privileges.
  2. Create a directory for your migration data using the following command.


    mkdir /tmp/migrateFromVista


    mkdir c:\temp\migrateFromVista

  3. Copy the snapshot.xml file from the migrateToLearn directory on the Vista 8 server to the migrateFromVista directory on the Blackboard Learn server.
  4. Navigate to the admin directory using the following command.


    cd /Learn directory/blackboard/tools/admin


    cd \Learn directory\blackboard\tools\admin

  5. Import the user data from the snapshot.xml file using the LMSImport command and the appropriate switches. To learn more about the available switches, see LMSImport Switches for Vista 8.

    Parameters shown in brackets ([ ]) are optional.

    Use only one --conflict resolution switch in the command.


    ./ --file=/tmp/migrateFromVista/snapshot.xml --ds=data source key --no_courses --no_enrollments [--conflict_prefix prefix] [--conflict_suffix suffix] [--always]

    For example:

    ./ --file=/tmp/migrateFromVista/snapshot.xml --ds=VISTA_FALL_2009 --no_courses --no_enrollments --conflict_prefix Vista_ --always


    LMSImport.cmd --file=c:\temp\migrateFromVista\snapshot.xml --ds=data source key --no_courses --no_enrollments [--conflict_prefix prefix] [--conflict_suffix suffix] [--always]

    For example:

    LMSImport.cmd --file=c:\temp\migrateFromVista\snapshot.xml --ds=VISTA_FALL_2009 --no_courses --no_enrollments --conflict_prefix Vista_ --always

    A running count of the records processed displays. The bb-services-log-integration-jdbc.txt log file is created and stored in the Learn directory/blackboard/logs/snapshot directory on the Blackboard Learn server for users that fail to import.