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Authentication Planning FAQs

When planning your authentication implementation, consider the following questions.

Is your school using an external authentication provider?

Blackboard Learn includes a default, internal authentication provider. You can make it Inactive, but you cannot delete it. To learn more, see Implementing Authentication.

What external authentication provider is your school using? CAS? LDAP? Shibboleth?

CAS, LDAP, and Shibboleth are supported authentication providers. To learn more about their setups, see Implementing Authentication.

Is your school using a custom authentication?

To learn more, see Custom Authentication Types.

Are you performing an upgrade and already have an authentication provider configured?

To learn about the considerations of upgrading, see Authentication Provider Considerations When Upgrading to SP8 and Later.

Does your school require more than one authentication provider? Do you have a plan for when one provider source is broken?

To learn more, see Provider Order.

Does your school have more than one hostname? Does each hostname have a unique authentication provider?

To learn more, see Authentication Providers and Provider Order.

Is your Blackboard Learn instance populated with users? Does your school have a Student Integration System?

For integrated authentication to work, you need to have your users and their usernames in the system. The Authentication Logs identify system activity for users. To learn more, see Authentication Logs and About SIS Integration.