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Analytics for Learn Data Integration

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on the administrator overview of Learner Intelligence.

Institutions need to help students succeed and get the most value out of their educational investments. Research shows that access to appropriate reports and analytics provides a context for data-driven decision-making that improves outcomes for everyone from institutional leaders to students.

The Analytics for Learn product is a set of components that extract data from Blackboard Learn, transform it, and bring it into an analytics framework where it is combined with data from the institution’s SIS system. The technology framework for the analytics functionality is separate from the Learn system.

The Analytics for Learn Data Integration Building Block enables secure transfer of data between Analytics for Learn and Blackboard Learn systems. This enables integrated analytics reports to be viewed directly within Blackboard Learn courses. Also, it enables Blackboard Learn data to be incorporated into the Analytics for Learn reporting framework.

Building Block Highlights

The Analytics for Learn Data Integration Building Block is supported on Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 4 and higher.

  • This building block works for self-hosted and managed hosting clients. Previous versions of this building block were available to self-hosted clients only.
  • A Web Service interface ensures the secure transfer of data between Analytics for Learn and Learn systems.

  • A new integrated Course Submission Summary Report is available to instructors in their courses, along with the three existing reports. It shows all submission information for each student including assignments, tests, surveys, and graded discussions, blogs, journals, and wikis. The Student Activity Summary portion of the report compares each student's number of submissions to the average across all students in that course. Students below the average number of submissions may not be engaged in the course sufficiently and might need assistance.
    • Access the Course Submission Summary Report in the course's Control Panel. Expand the Evaluation section and click Course Analytics.
    • The Student Activity Summary section of the report shows a student's enrollment status, a graph of his submission trend over the entire term, his number of submissions, the average number of submission in the course, days since the student's last submission, and last submission type.
    • The list of students can be exported from the reporting system and imported into an application such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis.

How to Install and Activate the Building Block

Subsequent releases of the Analytics for Learn Data Integration Building Block after this Phase 2 release will be versioned and released through Software Updates for all clients who already have the building block installed. You can use Software Updates to install the Analytics for Learn Data Integration building block updates directly from the System Admin panel.

New implementations of Analytics for Learn and those clients still in the implementation stage will continue to get their initial building block as part of the Analytics for Learn implementation process.

Software Updates

On the Administrator Panel, the Software Updates section notifies you when a new building block is available or has been updated. You will see a change in the icons. Click the Feature Building Blocks Available icon and locate the Analytics for Learn Data Integration Building Block. Click Install. After installation, you need to make the building block available.

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How to Make the Building Block Available

After installation, you must make the Course Analytics link available in existing courses.

  1. On the Administrator Panel in the Tools and Utilities section, click Tools.
  2. Locate Analytics for Learn Data Integration in the list and select Always On to turn the tool on for all courses. Select Default On to allow instructors to turn Course Analytics on or off in their courses from the Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability.