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Persistence Package

This topic reviews the persistence package found in the Event Driven API. For the most complete and up-to-date information about packages and classes, refer to the Javadocs included with the API.

Persistence Package

The persistence package provides a framework to handle the insert, update, save, and delete for the entity objects. The framework includes:

  • BbServiceManager: This class handles the coordination of Blackboard Learn enabled services.
  • PersistenceService: This class is a singleton, an object only intended to exist once, that manages the different persistence context for the entity objects.
  • DbPersistenceManager: This class maintains the reference points for each individual loader/persister. An instance of any persister/loader is requested through it.
  • PersisterInterfaces: This includes the PersonPersister, CoursesitePersister, and so forth.

blackboard.platform.BbServiceManager.init( serviceConfig,bbprops );
blackboard.platform.persistence.PersistenceService pService = BbServiceManager.getPersistenceService().
blackboard.persist.BbPersistenceManager bManager = pService.getDbPersistenceManager()
CoursesiteLoader cLoader= (CoursesiteLoader)bManager.getLoader(CoursesiteLoader.TYPE);

The user must initialize the BbServiceManager before attempting any persistence of the admin data objects. After BbServiceManager is initialized the appropriate loader/persister must be used according to the data type the programmer intends to manage.