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About Courses and Enrollments

You can delegate some course administration responsibilities by assigning users a system role of Course Administrator. This role grants privileges to manage courses and enrollments but no other administrative access. To learn more about system roles, see Managing System Roles.

You can also assign users a course role of Course Builder. This role grants access to most areas of the course Control Panel for a particular course. To learn more about course roles, see Managing Course and Organization Roles.

About Course IDs

The course ID is a unique identifier for a course. After a course is created, the course ID cannot be changed, although you can change the course name, description, and other properties.

Course IDs can contain letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.). All other characters, including spaces, are prohibited.

Blackboard recommends that you develop and enforce a naming convention for course IDs. The database does not assign course IDs automatically. Users create course IDs when they create courses. Blackboard Learn does not validate course IDs against the naming convention.