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Course Creation Module

The Course Creation module allows administrators to make course creation functions available to users, require users to request that a course be created, or prevent users from creating courses. If users are allowed to create courses, the Course Creation module appears on the Courses tab.

If your institution licenses community engagement, administrators can make this module available to users with specific roles, such as faculty members, on the Module Properties page.

Blackboard recommends not allowing all users to create courses for security reasons. If all users are allowed to create courses, Blackboard strongly recommends prohibiting instructors from editing user information. Allowing all users to create courses and allowing the instructor, which could be the person who created the course, to edit user information is a serious security concern.

The following table describes the available options for the Course Creation module.

Course Creation Module Options
Option Description
General Properties
Title [r] Provide or edit a title for the module.
Module Type Select a module type from the drop-down list. Once selected, this field cannot be changed.
Reference Name Provide a name that can be easily referenced.
Description Provide or edit a description of the module. The description appears to users when they select modules to display on a tab.
Allow users to personalize the module Select Yes or No to allow users to change the content of the module. A pencil icon appears in the top right corner of the module that enables users to edit the module content. This option is not available for Blackboard Learn - Basic Edition clients.
Allow users to detach the module Select Yes or No to allow the module to be removed from the tab by a user.
System Availability Select Yes to make the module available.
Available for Use on a Course Module Page Select Yes to make the module available for use on Course Module pages.
Available for Use on an Organization Module Page Select Yes to make the module available for use on Organization Module pages.
Available for Users to Select from Module List Select Yes to allow users to select modules from the module list. If No is selected, but the module is selected as part of the Default Content, the module will always be displayed to users. It will not appear on the content page where users may select modules.
Available to Select Everyone or Specific Roles. If Specific Roles is selected, select the check boxes to determine which roles have privileges to view the tab.
Allow Asynchronous Loading Select this check box to allow the module to load asynchronously. The user will go back to the portal page regardless of whether or not this module has loaded.
Delegated Administration
Delegated Administration Select the usernames for all users that should have privileges to edit and add module content. A comma should separate each username. The users selected to administer a module see a Module Admin button on the tab that allows them to edit the content of a module.