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Blackboard Help

Image Module

Image modules display a graphic in the module.

How to Edit an Image Module

  1. On the Administrator Panel, in the Communities section, click Tabs and Modules.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. Access the Image module's contextual menu.
  4. Click Edit Contents. The following table describes the available options.
    Image Module Options
    Option Description
    Image Link [r] URL for the link. This must be the full URL. For example:, not or
    Image alt text Provide the alt text that will appear to accessibility users for the image.
    Image Align Select an alignment for the image from the drop-down list. This controls where the image will appear in the section. The choices are left, center, and right.
    Image Border Size Select a border size, in pixels, from the drop-down list. The Image will appear with a border this size.
  5. Click Submit.