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Blackboard Help

Language Packs

Language packs are sets of text files and images that are used to display Blackboard Learn in a specific language. Language packs are composed of three components: user interface (UI) text, UI themes, and help.

UI Text

The UI text includes course- and institution-related information as well as information about how to perform specific tasks within the system. While any custom language pack could be created, Blackboard Learn provides full UI translation for the following languages:

  • Arabic (ar_SA)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
  • Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN)
  • Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW)
  • Danish (da_DK)
  • Dutch (nl_NL)
  • English, United Kingdom (en_GB)
  • English, United States (en_US)
  • French (fr_FR)
  • German (de_DE)
  • Italian (it_IT)
  • Japanese (ja_JP)
  • Korean (ko_KO)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Spanish (es_ES)
  • Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Turkish (tr_TR)
  • Welsh (cy_GB)

UI Themes

The UI themes help brand Blackboard Learn for a particular Institution. Editing the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) of a theme offers the opportunity to modify system images that are not changeable by end users. The UI theme language packs include:

  • K-12 English (en_US_k12)
  • Pro-Ed English (en_US_pro)


Blackboard Help, where you are now, includes all reference materials that accompany Blackboard Learn. In addition to English, you can also get the information on this help site in other languages and for verticals other than North American Higher Education (NAHE). To learn more, see Getting Started with Help.