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eReserves Settings

The eReserves area provides control over Library content availability for users. Administrators can also permit or restrict the creation of eReserves sub-folders from the Manage eReserves page. All users, except for guests and observers, can view the content in the eReserves folders, but only an authorized librarian user can add or edit content.

How to Configure eReserves Settings

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Content Management Settings.
  2. Select eReserves.
  3. Select Yes to create eReserves folders automatically for each course in Blackboard Learn. Select No to prevent eReserves folders from being created automatically. If this setting is enabled after courses have been created, new eReserves course folders are added automatically for them.

Creating an e-Reserve Directory

The create-course-directory command line tool creates a directory for a course with a given Course ID and assigns appropriate permissions for that course and the roles associated with it. This command line tool also adds the eReserves directory for the course. The eReserves Library function needs to be enabled in the system for this to be successful.

If administrators did not generate the eReserve directory, course sub-folders in eReserves are generated automatically the first time a user with a role of instructor, teaching assistant, or course builder accesses the eReserves area in the Library. For example, an instructor can create an eReserves folder simply by clicking the eReserve Library area folder. A sub-folder named with the Course ID of the history class is added automatically in the eReserves area.

Librarian Role

In Blackboard Learn, a librarian is a user with full permissions to folders in eReserves. Administrators need to assign users to librarian roles to grant full access to manage eReserves content.

Instructors, teaching assistants, course builders also have full permissions to eReserves course folders for those courses they are enrolled in. All other users, with the exception of guests and observers, have only read access to this area. Instructors can also add items from eReserves to their courses.

How to Create a Librarian Role

Multiple users can be granted librarian role status.

  1. Use the Administrator Panel to ensure that eReserves has been enabled.
  2. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Manage Content.
  3. Click the Library link in the file system.
  4. Access the contextual menu for eReserves and click Permissions.

  5. Click Select Specific Users.
  6. Complete the page. Provide the user name of the librarian in the Username field. Select all options (Read, Write, Remove, and Manage) in the Permissions field. Click Submit.

Librarians can access eReserves folders using the Find Folder option. If the librarian is enrolled in the course, the associated course folders in eReserves appear automatically.