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Deletion Audit Trail Reports

The Deletion Audit Trail Report page allows administrators to generate a report of data that has been deleted by users from a specific sub-directory in the Content Collection. This data is used in selective file recovery to retrieve a single file that was deleted from the Content Collection from a backup. This data is only available for as long as it is stored in the Audit Trail Settings.

How to Generate a Deletion Audit Trail Report

  1. On the Administrator Panel, under Content Management, click Technical Settings.
  2. Click Document Stores.
  3. In the contextual menu for the Document Store, click Deletion Audit Trail Report. The following table describes the available fields.
  4. Click Submit.
    Field Description
    Deletion Audit Trail Report
    Top-Level Directory name The top-level directory name appears here.
    Sub-Directory Path Provide the path to the sub-directory from which to generate a report.
    From Date Provide the date on which the report should begin. Use the MM/DD/YY format.
    To Date Provide the date on which the report should end. Use the MM/DD/YY format.