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Get Started With Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment provides an additional set of tools that allow privileged users to collect samples of student work that can be used for both institutional and program assessment activities. The tools related to Outcomes Assessment, such as goals, rubrics and enterprise surveys, are integrated into the assessment experience to empower evidence-based decision making for your institution.

Users who are given the assessment manager role have access to the Outcomes Assessment tab and its tools. Access to other tools can be provided at a more granular level to ensure that the right staff members have access to the right information and tools.

Accessing Outcomes Assessment
Outcomes Assessment Tab My Institution Tab Admin Tab

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Users with the assessment manager role have access to the Outcomes Assessment tab and the full integrated experience. Users with targeted access can access the specific Outcomes Assessment tool from the Tools panel on the My Institution tab, if that tool has been made available. System Administrators can access any or all tools from the Administrator Panel.

Outcomes Assessment Roles

Access to the tools within the integrated outcomes assessment experience is controlled by role-based privileges. A user can be granted the right to perform an action within the system because he or she has a particular role that includes the privilege to take that action. Blackboard Learn ships with a set of default roles that are described below. The system administrator can create specific roles for users that grant or remove specific privileges to match a user’s professional responsibilities to outcomes assessment privileges.

Role Descriptions
Role Privileges
System administrator Administers outcomes assessment through the Administrator Panel. Automatically has access to all objects and data in Blackboard Learn. Adds and removes users and assigns user roles.
Assessment Manager Has access to all of the tools included in the integrated experience for Outcomes Assessment including goals, evidence collection, rubrics, and enterprise surveys. They can create and edit objects within any of these tools.
Evidence Manager Has access to both the Goals and Evidence Collection tools. This provides them with the ability to create and manage goals for the institution as well as collect and analyze evidence (samples of student work) from across the system.
Goals manager Has access to the Goals tool within Blackboard Learn and can create and manage goals for the institution. This user does not have access to collect evidence related to these goals.
Rubrics Manager Has access to the System Rubrics tool and the ability to create rubrics that will be used to evaluate collected evidence.
Survey Author Has access to the Enterprise Survey tool and can create, deploy and analyze surveys across the institution.

Multiple Roles or Independent and Additive Roles

All of the roles described above are system roles that can be assigned to any user. A user can have more than one system role so administrators can provide exactly the right type of access needed by each individual. When multiple roles have been given to a user, the permissions they are granted are additive. For example, someone with the roles of rubrics manager and survey author can create and manage rubrics in the system as well as create, send and analyze surveys. Only the system administrator can assign roles to users.

Remove Roles

Only roles that have been created by the system administrator can be removed. Roles that are shipped with Outcomes Assessment cannot be removed. If a user has only one role and that role is removed from the system, the user will lose all Outcomes Assessment privileges.