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Keep in Mind

When using Blackboard Learn, you need to know:

  • Your institution has the ability to disable certain tools within the application. If you encounter tools that you are unable to access, contact your institution.
  • The openness of Blackboard Learn allows you and your institution to be very creative. The names for items in Blackboard Learn may differ from those in the documentation.
  • Building blocks allow institutions to integrate external applications, tools, content, and services into Blackboard Learn.

Browser Compatibility

To learn about supported web browsers and operating systems, see Browser Support.

Contact your institution to learn which version of Blackboard Learn your institution is using, as compatibility varies by version.

You can use Blackboard Mobile Learn on a variety of mobile devices, including BlackBerry®, Android™, and iPhone OS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. Contact your institution to learn whether your institution has made Blackboard Mobile Learn available.

Printing Course Content

Because Blackboard Learn is web-based, printing is handled through your web browser, or, if the content is an attached file such as a Microsoft® Word or Excel document, through that program.

Most browsers have a Help option that can explain more about printing.

If you need assistance printing course content, contact your institution.