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Blackboard Help

Enrollment Options

Enrollment options control how students enroll in your course.

How to Customize Student Enrollment Options

  1. Change Edit Mode to ON.
  2. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section and click Enrollment Options.
  3. Select the appropriate enrollment option.
    • Instructor/System Administrator: This option gives the instructor or the Blackboard administrator at your institution control of the enrollment process. Select the check box to create a link for students to email an enrollment request to the course instructor. This link appears in the course catalog.
    • Self Enrollment: This option allows students to enroll themselves in your course.
      • Use the date fields to set a Start Date, an End Date, or both to control the time frame that students can self-enroll. If you do not select dates, a student may self-enroll at any time, unless you make your course unavailable or the course duration dates have passed.
      • You can use an Access Code to verify the self-enrollment process. An access code is provides a degree of control over who can and cannot self-enroll in your course, but leaves it up to the student to initiate and complete the enrollment process.