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Create Wiki Pages

Each newly created course or group wiki requires a first page, which is the home page. When you access a new wiki for the first time, a message appears at the top of the page prompting you to create a home page. The home page always appears first in the wiki page list, making it an ideal page for instructions.

You or any course or group member can create the home page. No one can delete the home page, but if the wiki is open to editing, any course or group member may edit it.

The home page and all subsequent pages are created in the same way.

Watch a Tutorial

Double-click the video to enlarge the viewing area.

How to Create Wiki Pages

  1. On the Wikis listing page, click a wiki title.
  2. On the wiki’s topic page, click Create Wiki Page on the action bar.
  3. On the Create Wiki Page, type a name and a description or instructions.
  4. Click Submit.

You can delete an entire wiki or pages within a wiki, but you cannot delete the wiki home page by itself. Students do not have the ability to delete wiki pages.

How to Link to Other Wiki Pages

When course members create or edit wiki pages, they may need to reference another page in the wiki. If the wiki consists of many pages, you can insert a link to that page right on the page you are currently viewing.

In our example, we create a new wiki page and a link to another page.

  1. Access a wiki.
  2. On the wiki topic page, click Create Wiki Page on the action bar.
  3. On the Create Wiki Page, type a name and content.
  4. In the Content box, position the mouse pointer where you want to include a link to another wiki page.
  5. Click the Link to Wiki page function in the content editor, represented by several sheets of paper. If only one wiki page exists, this function is disabled.

    Image illustrating associated text

  6. In the pop-up window, select a wiki page from the drop-down list.
  7. Optionally, type a name for the link in the Rename Wiki Page Link box. If the link is not renamed, the original page title is used as the link.

    Image illustrating associated text

  8. Click Submit. The link appears in the content editor.

    Image illustrating associated text

  9. Click Submit. The new page with the link to the other page is added to the wiki.

    Image illustrating associated text

How to Comment on Wiki Pages

Course members can comment on wiki pages rather than contribute to or edit a page. Commenting provides a way for you and your students to offer feedback and suggestions. Comments are visible to all course members. All comments for all wiki pages are counted in the About This Wiki section in the sidebar.

No one can edit comments after they are posted. Users can delete the comments they authored.

For group wikis, the default setting allows all course members to read them, but you must be a member of the group to make a comment. You can change the default setting to allow only group members to view a group wiki.

  1. Access a wiki and click the page to view in the sidebar. The wiki page opens in the content frame.
  2. Click Comment following the user’s contribution and type a comment. You can use the spell check function at the bottom of the box as needed.

    Comments have a 2,000-character limit. A pop-up message advises that a comment over 2,000 characters must be edited and resubmitted.

  3. Click Add. Click the Comments link below the contribution to view the comment.

    Image illustrating associated text