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Grade and Manage SafeAssignments

This article is archived and is no longer updated. Go to the latest information on using SafeAssign.

When you create a SafeAssignment, a column is added automatically to the Grade Center. SafeAssignments are not automatically graded. Access SafeAssignments that have been submitted by students in these locations:

  • Needs Grading: You can grade a single SafeAssignment attempt, all the submissions for one SafeAssignment, or all submissions for all SafeAssignments.
  • Grade Center: A SafeAssignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with an exclamation mark—the needs grading icon. Grade one attempt at a time by accessing a SafeAssignment cell’s contextual menu and selecting an Attempt.

Inline grading is not available for SafeAssignments.

How to Grade SafeAssignments From Needs Grading Page

The Needs Grading page lists SafeAssignments that are ready for grading and enables you to sort and filter the list. 

To access the Needs Grading page:

Control Panel > expand Grade Center section > select Needs Grading

To display SafeAssignments only:

  1. Use the Filter drop-down list to select SafeAssignment.
  2. Click Go. All submitted SafeAssignments appear on the Needs Grading page.
  3. Click a column heading or the caret to sort the SafeAssignments. For example, sort by Item Name.
  4. To begin grading:
    • Click Grade All on the action bar to begin grading all of the items displayed.


    • Access an item’s contextual menu to Grade All Users for that specific item.


    • Click a student’s name to grade a single SafeAssignment.
  5. The Modify Grade page appears. If you are grading more than one submission, the next submission in the list appears after you submit the Modify Grade page.

How to Grade SafeAssignments From Grade Center

The Grade Center shows all gradable items.

To access the Grade Center:

Control Panel > expand Grade Center section > select Full Grade Center

To grade a SafeAssignment:

  1. Locate the cell for a student's submitted SafeAssignment.
  2. Access the cell's contextual menu and select Attempt.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. The Modify Grade page appears.

About the Modify Grade Page

You access the Modify Grade page from the Needs Grading page or the Grade Center. You can view information about a SafeAssignment, its originality report, clear the attempt, or give it a grade and feedback.

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  1. View the submitted SafeAssignment by opening it in a new window or downloading it.
  2. Access the SafeAssign originality report and determine if any matching phrases are properly cited.
  3. Clear the attempt to give the student another chance to submit.
  4. Assign a grade.
  5. Type feedback for the student.
  6. Attach a file, such as an annotated version of the submitted SafeAssignment.

How to Access the SafeAssign Tool

You can view and manage SafeAssignment submissions from the SafeAssign link on the Control Panel.

You cannot grade or create SafeAssignments from this location.

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section.
  2. Select SafeAssign.
  3. On the SafeAssign page, select SafeAssignments.
  4. Access the contextual menu for a specific SafeAssignment and select View Submissions. A list of student submissions appears with the following functions:
    • Text: View the student’s paper and any comments from the student.
    • File: Download the student submission.
    • Matching: The percentage of the paper that matches other sources. Read the full report to determine if the matching content is properly attributed.
    • SA Report: View the full SafeAssign report.
    • Clear Checked Attempts: Select submissions to delete so that students can submit them again.
    • Download All Submissions: Download a zip file of all displayed submissions.