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Monitor Self and Peer Assessment Submissions

Process: Assessment submissions are monitored and reviewed during the assessment process. Submissions are downloaded as a collection or on an individual basis so they can be reviewed later. The submissions are bundled in a ZIP file that contains an HTML file for each submission. You can open and read submissions in any web browser.

How to Monitor the Submissions for an Assessment

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click Self and Peer Assessment.
  2. On the Self and Peer Assessment page, access an assessment's contextual menu and click View Submissions.

The Submissions Page

The Submissions page contains the following features and functions:

Submissions Page Features and Functions
Feature Description
Assessment Displays the name of the assessment.
Submission Dates Displays the submission date range.
Evaluation Dates Displays the evaluation date range.
Download All Click to download all submissions as a ZIP file.
Filter by Select an option to filter the submission list and click Go to apply the filter.
Completed Displays an icon showing whether or not a submission is complete.
Name Displays the name of the student.
Username Displays the user name of the student.
Question Responses Displays the number of question responses that have been recorded so far and the total number of questions.
View Click to view a specific submission.
Download Click to download a specific submission as a ZIP file.

The View Submission Page

Access the View Submission page by accessing the contextual menu for a user. The following table describe the information on this page.

View Submissions Information
Feature Description
Assessment Name Displays the name of the assessment.
Questions Displays the number of questions in this assessment.
Instructions Displays the instructions for this assessment.
Evaluations to Complete Displays the number of evaluations that need to be completed.
Submission End Date Displays the submission end date.
Last Submitted Date Displays the date that the last submission was received.
Question 1 Displays the question text.
Submission Displays the submission text for the question.