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Create Tests and Surveys

After you build a test or survey, you create questions or add existing questions from tests, surveys, and pools. Then, you deploy the test or survey in a course area, such as a content area or folder. When you add a test or survey to a content area, it is "deployed."

Survey questions are not graded, and student responses are anonymous.

About Question Settings

On the Test or Survey Canvas, click Question Settings on the action bar to change settings for different aspects of a test or survey, including:

  • Enabling the feedback option for questions.
  • Adding images, files, or web links to questions and answers.
  • Adding metadata to questions.
  • Determining default point values for questions in tests.
  • Designating questions as extra credit, and enabling negative and partial credit scoring.
  • Specifying display options, such as numbering options for answers.

To learn more, see Question Settings.

Watch a Tutorial

Double-click the video to enlarge the viewing area.

How to Build a Test or Survey and Add New Questions

You add questions to tests and surveys in the same way, but you add no points to survey questions. Before students take a test, you can add new questions exactly where you want them.

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section and click Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. On the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page, click Tests.
  3. On the Tests page, click Build Test on the action bar.
  4. On the Test Information page, type a name. Optionally, provide a description and instructions.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. On the Test Canvas, point to Create Question on the action bar and select a question type.

    Image illustrating associated text

  7. On the Create/Edit page, provide the necessary information to create a question.
  8. Click Submit.


    You can add new questions exactly where you want them on the Test Canvas. Click the plus sign before or after another question and choose a question type.

    Image illustrating associated text

  9. On the Test Canvas, you can change a question's point value.
    1. Click a question's current point value.
    2. In the Update Points pop-up box, edit the points.
    3. Click Submit.
  10. Continue adding questions.
  11. Click OK. The test is added to the list on the Tests page and is ready to deploy in a course area.

Reorder Questions

By default, when you create new questions with the Create Question drop-down list, they are added to the end of the test or survey. On the Test or Survey Canvas, reorder questions by pointing to a question to show the double-tipped arrow and then dragging it to its new location.

Alternatively, use the keyboard accessible reordering tool ( File:en-us/Learn/9.1_SP_14/Instructor/110_Tests_Surveys_Pools/010_Create_Tests_and_Surveys/icon_keyboard_accessible_reordering_tool.png ) on the action bar. Click a question and use the up and down arrows below the title box to adjust the order.

Image illustrating associated text

Changing question order only affects new test attempts, assuming the test is not set to display questions in random order. Attempts already submitted retain the order as originally viewed when the test was taken.

Questions are numbered automatically in the order they are added, and the question numbers update when items are reordered or randomized. Therefore, use caution when referring to specific question numbers in the questions' text.