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Deploy Tests and Surveys

After you create a test or survey, the next step is to deploy it—make it available—to users in your course.

This is a two-step process:

  1. Add the test or survey to a course area.
  2. Make it available.

About Unavailable Tests and Surveys

You manage availability on the Test Options or Survey Options page.

Unavailable and deleted tests and surveys differ in the following ways:

  • Unavailable tests and surveys deployed in a content area do not appear to students. When Edit Mode is ON, instructors and course builders can see unavailable tests.
    • You can limit test and survey availability to a specific time period with the Display After and Display Until dates and times. If the link to a test or survey is available, but neither date is set, it is immediately and always available.
  • If you delete a test or survey from a content area in your course, it is removed from that location. You can deploy it again as needed. You can deploy each test and survey in one location only.
  • If you delete a test or survey from the tests or surveys tool pages, it is permanently deleted from your course. This is irreversible. You can access the tests and surveys tools in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel.

How to Add a Test or Survey to a Content Area

Before you can deploy a test or survey, you need to create it and add questions. To learn more, see Create Tests and Surveys.

  1. Navigate to the course area where you want to add a test or survey.
  2. On the action bar, point to Assessments and click Test or Survey.

    Image illustrating associated text

  3. Select a test or survey from the Add Test or Add Survey list.
  4. Click Submit. The Test or Survey Options page appears.

How to Make a Test or Survey Available

 After you deploy an assessment in a course area, you set test and survey availability.

  1. On the Test Options or Survey Options page, click Yes to Make the Link Available to users. Use the Display After and Display Until fields to limit the amount of time the link appears.
  2. Set the availability, feedback, and presentation options for a test or survey.
  3. Click Submit.