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Calculate and Exempt Grades

About Calculating Grades

In the Grade Center, you can calculate grades by combining multiple columns to attain performance results, such as class averages, final grades that are based on a weighted scale, or total points. These are called calculated columns. You can display these columns to students so they can view performance results, or you can display them only in the Grade Center for your use. The available calculated columns include the following:

  • Total: A calculated column that generates a grade based on the cumulative points earned, related to the points allowed.
  • Weighted: A calculated column that generates a grade based on the result of selected columns and categories, and their respective percentages.
  • Average: A calculated column that displays the average for a selected number of columns.
  • Minimum/Maximum: A calculated column that displays either the minimum or maximum grade for a selection of columns.

New courses contain a total column and a weighted total column. To learn more, see Grade Center Columns.

About Exempting Grades

You can exempt students from any grade item in the Grade Center. You might exempt grades for students who transfer to your institution, add a course late, or require other accommodations. You might also exempt students from a grade because their performance is superior and you want to reward their work.

Existing grades that you exempt are not deleted, but are ignored in all total and statistical calculations. No secondary display value appears for exempt items.

Exemptions you add for system-generated columns are saved as the override grade. Exemptions you add for manually created columns are saved as the grade for the column when no override grade exists.

You exempt grades on the main Grade Center page or on the Grade Details page. When you exempt a grade, an exempted icon appears in the cell of the exempted grade. You can include comments for an exempted grade.

How to Exempt a Grade

  1. In the Grade Center, access an item's contextual menu.
  2. Click Exempt Grade.


  3. Click View Grade Details.
  4. On the Grade Details page, click the Manually Override tab.
  5. Click Exempt. Optionally, provide feedback or grading notes.
  6. Click Save.

To clear the exemption, access the item's contextual menu and click Clear Exemption.

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How to Add Comments to an Exemption

  1. Access the item's contextual menu and click Quick Comment.
  2. Type comments in Feedback to User and Grading Notes.
  3. Click Submit.