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Home Page

The Home Page contains modules that display notifications about your course. For example, the What's New module displays new content.

Your instructor can choose not to use the page, give it a different name, and choose which modules appear.


  1. What’s New: Contains links to new content, such as announcements, assignments, tests, surveys, newly graded items, mashups, and unread discussion board messages.
  2. To Do: Divided into What’s Past Due and What’s Due. You can use this information as the launching point for your daily course work.

You might see the Alerts and Needs Attention modules on your course home page. These modules are for instructor use only and will contain no information for students.

About the What's New Module

The What's New module reports on additions and changes to course content. The module displays the number of new items for each content type and links for each course. The module shows items within the last seven days.

The What's New module may appear on the My Institution tab if your institution licenses community engagement.

The following content types are reported in the module:

  • Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Blogs
  • Content
  • Discussion board posts
  • Course messages

The What's New module reports information that is made available to the entire course. Content that becomes available to you after certain criteria are met is not reported in this module.

The What's New module reports changes once a day. You can see what has changed the first time you log in for the day. All changes made after you log in do not appear in the module until the next day unless you click Refresh in the Actions drop-down list.

The updates you see for a course only display if the content is made available, and you are a participant in the course.

About the To Do Module

The To Do module provides a chronological listing of upcoming due dates that you can use as the launching point for your daily course work. This module is divided into What's Past Due and What's Due.

The What's Past Due area displays any test, assignment, or survey that has passed its due date with no submission. The What's Due area displays information about any test, assignment, or survey that contains a due date.

The To Do module is not the same as the tasks tool. To learn more, see Tasks.

Notification Settings and Actions

You can edit your notification settings to control which events you are notified about and how the notifications are delivered. To learn more, see Notifications.

Some modules contain an Actions drop-down list with options to expand, collapse, or dismiss the notifications in that module.