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Lesson Plans

A lesson plan is a container for content similar to a content area or folder. You can see the lesson profile, objectives, and content items you need to complete a lesson. Your instructor provides optional information on how your knowledge is measured, the needed materials, the duration of the instruction, and what you need to have mastered after the instruction.

Typically, you access lesson plans in content areas, but your instructor can also include them in learning modules and folders.

Access a Lesson Plan

Select the content area from the course menu that holds the lesson plan and click its name. If your instructor added a description, it appears following the title.

Image illustrating associated text

The lesson plan’s general information and content items are organized following the title. The top portion contains general information about the lesson, while the bottom contains content items.

Your instructor chooses how to display the content items: icons only, text only, or icons and text. In our example, the content items for the lesson are shown with icons and text.