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Instructors use assignments to assess your mastery over course content and objectives. You can find assignments—referred to collectively as assessments—in any content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder.

Your instructor assigns point values to assignments. Your completed assignment is submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Grade Center. You can see your grades when your instructor makes them available to you.

Completing an Assignment Online

Your instructor lets you know when an assignment is available and where to find it in your course. Read all of the instructions carefully and pay attention to due dates. Depending on the instructions provided by your instructor, you may be asked to add text, attach a file, enter comments, or a combination of these actions. If you have any trouble submitting your assignment, contact your instructor immediately.

To learn more, see Submit Assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I open my assignment?

Contact the computing help desk at your institution. They can help you troubleshoot and download any application you might need. If you are not sure how to contact the help desk, look for the technology office on your institution’s website or search the web for your institution’s name + Blackboard + help or support. Check to make sure you are using a supported internet browser and operating system for the version of Blackboard that your institution is using.

Why can't I find my assignment?

Your instructor controls the date when assignments become available. You might have to meet other criteria that controls assignment availability. For example, you might have to mark a lecture as reviewed before you can access an assignment. Contact your instructor for more information.

How do I check to be sure my assignment was submitted?

After submitting an assignment, you can check to make sure it was uploaded and saved properly. Click the name of the assignment as if you were going to submit it again. Previous submission attempts are listed on the Review Submission History page. If you have questions about your attempts or the assignment, contact your instructor for assistance.

My instructor did not receive my assignment. What do I do?

You must discuss this issue with your instructor.

How do I edit or resubmit an assignment?

Editing an assignment requires you to resubmit the assignment. Not all assignments can be resubmitted. If your instructor has not allowed you to submit an assignment more than once and you made a mistake, you must contact your instructor to ask for the opportunity to resubmit the assignment.

If your instructor has allowed you to submit an assignment more than once, you will see a Start New function on the Review Submission History page. Access this page by clicking the assignment link in your course.

How do I know whether my assignment has been graded?

The My Grades tool displays all your grades. My Grades is often located on the course menu. The course menu appears on the left side of the course window. If My Grades is not on the the course menu, click Tools and select My Grades. If your assignment has been submitted, but not graded, you will see an exclamation mark next to the assignment's title. To learn more, see My Grades.

If your assignment has been submitted and graded, the grade appears in the assignment's row. To view more detail, click the assignment's title to access the Review Submission History page.

Is a group assignment the same as a regular assignment?

You access group assignments from your groups page or in a content area. You can do all of the same things with a group assignment as with a regular assignment. One member submits the group assignment for the entire group. The grade you receive is the same for all members of the group. To learn more, see Submit Group Assignments.

Is a SafeAssignment the same as a regular assignment?

No. SafeAssignments have a different user interface. You can only upload files to complete a SafeAssignment. To learn more, see SafeAssign.