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Collaborate With a Group

The group collaboration sessions have all of the same features as those used in a course. All group members are moderators in group collaboration sessions. All group members can manage sessions and access all of the available tools.

Groups can schedule sessions for specific dates and times.

How to Create or Edit Collaboration Sessions

  1. Access your group in the Groups page or in the My Groups panel.
  2. On the group homepage, click Collaboration in the Group Tools module.
  3. To create a new collaboration session, click Create Collaboration Session.


    To edit an existing collaboration session, access the session's contextual menu and click Edit.

    Image illustrating associated text

  4. On the Create Collaboration Session page, type or edit the name.
  5. Select the dates of availability. You can set a start and end date and time for the collaboration session, but it is not required. If you select no dates, then the session is always open and available for users.
  6. Make the session available.
  7. Select the collaboration tool for this session: Virtual Classroom or Chat.
  8. Click Submit.

Delete a Collaboration Session

To delete a collaboration session, access a session's contextual menu and click Delete. This action is final.