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Create and Edit Content

Creating Reusable Content

Content created throughout Blackboard Learn is stored in the Content Collection.

Types of Content
Content Type Description
Folders Folders are storage bins for other folders and items. Folders can be created within any folder. To create a folder you must have Read and Write privileges for the folder that will contain the new folder.
Items Items can be created or uploaded and are stored in the Content Collection. Items can be added to any folder provided that you have Manage privileges in the folder that will hold the new item.
External Links Links to outside websites may be added to the Content Collection as External Links. Once created, the website URL for the External Link can be edited.

Content that is built within the Content Collection, like External Links or HTML Objects can be used in specific places within your courses.

Example: If you are taking similar classes for your area of study and you found an article online that you want to share in Discussion Boards in different courses, you can create an External Link in the Content Collection and link to the item within the Text Editor of the tool in your course. You can also link content that you create in blogs, wikis, and journals.

Editing Content

All folders, items, and links can be edited by opening the contextual menu next to the content item and selecting Edit.

Select Edit from the contextual menu

Locking Folders

A lock secures the folder itself (name and settings) from changes. If Lock This Folder is selected, the items within the folder may be edited, but they may not be deleted or moved. The option Lock this Folder and everything it contains protects both the folder itself and the materials it contains. If this option is selected, all subfolders and items within the folder will be locked. These folders and items may not be edited, moved, or deleted. If a folder is locked, the user will also be unable to edit items within it through the Web Folder, for example, copying an item directly into the Web Folder.

Note:  On the Mac, a Web Folder is called a Shared Location.

Access this option by opening the contextual menu and clicking Edit. Lock Options are available in section three.

Folder Lock Options

How to Create a Folder

  1. Access the Content Collection.
  2. Navigate to the Content Area or folder that will contain the new folder
  3. On the Action Bar, click Create Folder. If the Create Folder function does not appear, you do not have permission to add a folder in the current location.

    Click Create Folder

  4. Type a name for the Folder in the field that opens below the Action Bar.
  5. Click Create and Customize to set options for the folder or click Submit to complete the action.

    Provide a name for the folder and Submit

  6. If you selected Create and Customize, the Edit Folder page opens. Select any of the available options to customize your folder and click Submit.

How to Create an Item or External Link

  1. Access the Content Collection where you want to add an item.
  2. On the Action Bar, point to Build, and select the item to add.


    If you are creating an External Link,you can simply click Link.

    Note:  If the Build function does not appear, you do not have permission to add an item in the current location.

    Build an Item

  3. Provide a Name for the item. If you select the check box, the system will automatically overwrite an existing file with the same name.
  4. Use the Text Editor to create the content for the item.


    If you are creating an External Link, provide a Link Name and the URL.

    Note:  Do not use the ‘%’ and the ‘?’ characters in this field.

  5. Select one or more of the following options:
    • Lock File: An item can be unlocked only by the person who locks it. A lock prevents changes to the item. If a file is checked out, it is locked automatically.
    • Share Comments: If comments are shared, users with Read permission may view and add comments.
    • Enable Versioning: If Versioning is enabled, overwriting or editing a file will create a new version.
    • Enable Tracking: If Tracking is enabled, each instance that a user interacts with an item is recorded.
  6. Click Submit. The item is added to the Content Collection.

    Complete Form