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Upload and Download Packages and Items

Upload any documents, photos, folders, and work to the Content Collection. You can use My Content  for your personal use to store files that you work on or want to submit or attach to any coursework. Files stored in the Content Collection can be linked to in your courses or stored for projects you may be working on.

Users can Upload a previously downloaded package of items and the associated metadata. The result is that the files and folders overwrite the existing files or folders (either adding a new version or overwriting without a new version) and the metadata.XML file in the package overwrites the metadata for each item specified.

The package must be one that has been previously downloaded from the Content Collection and it must be in the form of .ZIP file.

Users can Download items and any associated metadata. The result is a .ZIP file package that contains the full path structure of the files and folders as well as a single .XML file that defines the metadata for all files and folders in the package.

How to Upload Items

Files can be uploaded to any content area where you have permission to do so. The Upload button will appear in the action bar with the options to Upload Files or Upload Package. Packages are ZIP files that will be unpackaged into the folder you selected.

  1. Access the Content Collection where you want to upload files.
  2. On the Action Bar, point to Upload and select Upload Files.

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  3. If you are uploading multiple files, use the Multiple Files and Folders option available from the top right of the page. You can Browse for files or drag and drop files from folders on your desktop.
  4. After adding files to the list, click Submit to upload the files. If an upload fails, click Undo to remove all uploaded files and return to the parent folder. Uploading multiple files and folders requires the Java plugin, version 1.5 or later. If the plugin is not available, use the Single File option to add files one at a time.

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How to Download an Item or Package

  1. Navigate to the folder where the items are located.
  2. Select the files and folders to download.
  3. Click Download Package.

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  4. Select Save File and click OK.

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A single .XML file accompanies the downloaded files and folders called metadata.xml. This .XML file contains the metadata for all of the items downloaded.

Editing the Metadata

Once the item (or items) has been downloaded, the accompanying metadata.xml file can be edited outside of Blackboard. Keep in mind the following when editing the files:

  • If a metadata field is added to the .XML file and there is no associated metadata attribute on a metadata form, the new field is saved but is not visible anywhere within Blackboard.
  • The system will not upload the file if the .XML file is not properly formatted.

To learn more, see Metadata.