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FAQs About Permissions

There are some common scenarios where users may have questions about permissions.

Viewing Files and Folders

Usually when an item or folder is not displayed to a user it is because the user does not have read permission. However, a few common instances exist where a user cannot see a file or folder because of other system rules.

Viewing FAQs
Situation Reason
A user is enrolled in a class, but the Course folder does not appear under Courses or e-Reserves. Course folders are not created in the Content Collection until the instructor, teaching assistant, or course builder has accessed the Content Collection. Once this happens, the Course folder appears to enrolled users under e-Reserves. Read permission must be granted to the user before the Course folder appears under Courses.
A user is enrolled in an organization, but the organization user folder does not appear under e-Reserves. Organizations do not have folders under e-Reserves. Only Course folders appear under e-Reserves.
A user can view all of the content of his or her portfolio. However, a user with whom this portfolio is shared cannot view all of the files linked to in the portfolio. The portfolio user list no longer has read permission to all items linked to in the portfolio. When the portfolio was originally created and shared, the users with whom it was shared were added to the portfolio user list and granted read access to all items linked to in the portfolio. Since then, read access has been removed from one or more of these items. When the user accesses the items through the portfolio, he or she is unable to view them. A user with read and manage permission to the file must add read permission for the portfolio user list to each item where this permission has been removed.
A user can view a folder, but not all of its contents. The user has read access to the folder, but not to its contents.

Performing Actions on Files or Folders

Usually when a user cannot perform an action on a file or folder it is because he or she does not have the correct permissions. However, a few common instances exist where this may not be the case.

Situation Reason
A user has manage permission on an item, but is unable to copy it to a different folder. The user does not have write permission on the destination folder.
A user may view a file or folder but is unable to link to it from a portfolio. The user only has read access to the file or folder. Manage access is required to link the file or folder to a portfolio.

The user does not need manage permissions to items added from the /institution folder because All System Accounts have read permissions to /institution. The system assumes that if All System Accounts have read access, anyone may link to it.