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Blackboard Help

FAQs for Learn Self and Managed-Hosting Administrators

Looking to contact Blackboard directly regarding feedback or a support issue? Visit Feedback and Support for more information.

Where can I find information for developers?

The Learn Developer Community is now on Documentation can be found there as well.

Visit the Developer Community

I can't log in to Blackboard.

Contact the computing help desk at your institution. Blackboard does not have access to your institution's Blackboard Learn site and cannot help you with these types of questions.

If you’re not sure how to contact them, look for the technology office on your institution’s website or search the web for your institution’s name + Blackboard + help or support.

How do I change my Blackboard password?

Visit How to Change Your Password.

I want to access Blackboard from my iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

You can access Blackboard Learn on any mobile device by typing your institution's Blackboard web address in a browser. Blackboard Learn does not support the default browser on some mobile devices, such as the iPad.

View a list of supported browsers and operating systems

If your institution has signed up for Blackboard Mobile Learn or Blackboard Mobile Central, you can download the appropriate app from the App Store on your mobile device.

To check whether your institution has made these apps available, contact Blackboard Mobile Support or your institution's computing help desk.

More on Blackboard Mobile Learn and Blackboard Mobile Central

I'm getting errors or I can't open a file.

Contact the computing help desk at your institution. Blackboard does not have access to your institution's Blackboard Learn site and cannot help you with these types of questions. If you’re not sure how to contact them, look for the technology office on your institution’s website or search the web for your institution’s name + Blackboard + help or support. For browser issues, make sure that you are using a supported internet browser and operating system.

I was in the middle of writing content when I lost everything.

Unfortunately, the information is probably lost permanently. You will need to recreate the information. Blackboard does not have access to your institution's Blackboard Learn site and cannot help you with these types of questions.

Here are some reason why you might lose information that you are entering in Blackboard Learn:

  • The internet connection dropped.
  • The browser was refreshed.
  • Your browser timed out due to inactivity. Blackboard has a security setting that logs you out if it doesn't receive any input for a period of time. That period of time is different from institution to institution.

The following tips can help you avoid this issue in the future:

  • Use a wired connection if possible. Wireless internet connections are less reliable.
  • Do not refresh the browser page.
  • Do not close the browser window.
  • Do not use the browser's back button.
  • If possible, write out the text in an external application and then paste it into Blackboard Learn. Working offline first ensures that your work in progress will not be lost.

I have a question about SafeAssign.

For release notes and other Building Block-related information, see SafeAssign help for administrators.

For instructions on how to create SafeAssignments and Originality Reports in Blackboard Learn, see SafeAssign Originality Report.

For instructions on how to submit SafeAssignments, see Submit SafeAssignments.

I have a question about Turnitin.

For help with Turnitin, visit the Turnitin Help Center.

I have a question about Respondus.

For help with Respondus, visit the Respondus Support page.

How do I see email sent from within Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn keeps no record of sent or received email. When you send an email message, you receive a copy of your email in the Inbox of your external email account. Similarly, when someone sends you an email from Blackboard Learn, it is delivered to the Inbox of your external account. Keep a copy of important messages in case you need them at a later date.

How can I be notified about new items?

Blackboard Learn has different options to notify you when there is new content.

The first is Notifications. If notifications are available to you, manage notifications by selecting My Blackboard in the page header and then selecting Settings. From here, edit notification settings to control what information you receive and how it is delivered. You can receive notifications in the What’s New and To Do modules in Blackboard Learn, by email, and in Blackboard Mobile (if available).

More on notifications

The second is through the modules, specifically the What’s New module. This module can appear either on the My Institution tab (the main Blackboard page) or in an individual course.

More on the What's New Module

These options depend on how your instructor customizes your course and how your institution has personalized Blackboard. If you do not see these options, contact the computing help desk at your institution as they will be familiar with your institution's settings.

How are new features released?

Blackboard Learn release versions are based on the way the product is hosted for your institution. The SaaS deployment is released to production servers monthly. Learn 9.1 deployment for self and managed hosting clients is released to production twice each year, in Q2 and Q4.

Our SaaS release numbers are categorized with the numbering convention 3100.0.0. The fifth digit changes with each monthly version. Example: 3100.9.0, 3100.11.0

Learn 9.1 Q2 and Q4 releases are produced in accordance with a SaaS release. The second digit of our SaaS release numbers change to reflect the twice-yearly version.


  • 3000.0.0 = 9.1 Q2 2016
  • 3100.0.0 = 9.1 Q4 2016
  • 3200.0.0 = 9.1 Q2 2017

How do I change my email address?

For instructions on how to change your email address in Blackboard Learn, see Password, Personal Information, and Settings. If you cannot change your email address, your institution does not allow you to change your email of record through Blackboard Learn. This is because Blackboard Learn shares data with other systems on campus, such as the registrar's office. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that your email address is the same everywhere. Your institution will have a different way to change your email address. To learn more, contact the computing help desk at your institution. If you have already changed your name or contact information through the registrar's office, your master record will be updated in your institution's database. It might take a few days to process.

I can't access Blackboard Learn or a portion of it.

For issues with access to Blackboard Learn (including connectivity and server issues), course enrollments, or browser errors, contact the computing help desk at your institution.

I'm having a problem with my course.

For issues with course content (such as tests, assignments, and grades), contact the instructor. Blackboard does not have access to your institution's Blackboard Learn site and cannot help you with these types of questions.

I want to make a suggestion for Blackboard Learn.

You can suggest or request product changes using the Ideas space on (available in English only). This information is shared with the product design team responsible for making decisions about what to include in future releases.

Why can't I sign in to

The ability to sign in is restricted to Blackboard writers and editors and a handful of client contributors. Users who have not been given an account will not be able to sign in.

To provide feedback without an account, copy the topic URL and send it in an email with your comments to This information goes directly to the instructional design team.

I can't see the YouTube videos in help.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash.

How do I print something from Blackboard Learn?

Because Blackboard Learn is web-based, printing is handled through whatever internet browser you are using. Sometimes you can right-click the area that you want to print and look for a message similar to "Print This Frame." Most browsers have a Help option that can explain more about printing.

If the course content is an attached file, such as a Word document, you can open the document and print it from that program.

How do I print the Blackboard Help documentation?

To print topics, select the printer icon at the top of each page. You can create a PDF of only the topic, a section, or of a selected set of topics.

I can't find the topic I'm searching for in Blackboard Help.

If you are having trouble finding what you need when searching in a section, try another term or try placing phrases inside quotation marks.

For example: "force completion"

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, do a global search by selecting the 'search all products' or 'Searching in All Results' link on the Search Results page.

Where can I find more information about Blackboard?

Use these resources to help you find the information that you need. These resources are available in English only.

  • Blackboard YouTube Channel: The Blackboard YouTube channel has dozens of video tutorials, including the "Quick Hit" videos, many of which are featured on this site.
  • Blackboard Community: Find other Blackboard users so you can ask a question, join a discussion or group, or share an idea.
  • Behind the Blackboard:
    • Students and Faculty can access the public portions of this site, which provide links to various self-service and community resources, including listservs. Blackboard listservs provide a quick way to get your questions answered or make your opinions known.
    • Administrators must log in to Behind the Blackboard to access information about support tickets, software downloads, and the support knowledge base.