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Communication and Adoption Toolkit October 2014

The linked resources are available in English only.

The Blackboard Learn Communication and Adoption Toolkit is a collection of resources that Blackboard recommends using when upgrading to a new version of Blackboard Learn, specifically Blackboard Learn 9.1 October 2014. These tools will help you generate excitement and drive adoption of the new features in your learning community.

Communication checklist

Building a communication plan from the ground up takes time. That's why we've developed a checklist to help guide your strategy. You can download and customize this checklist to fit your needs, and it's workable for all Service Pack upgrades.

Communication Checklist.docx

Communication resources for web and distribution

You don't need to create everything from scratch. These flyers, postcards, web tiles, and headers/footers can be used easily on your institutional web properties or distributed to generate excitement about the latest Blackboard Learn updates.

Communication Resources - October 2014

This file contains the following resources:

  • "There's More to Learn" Postcard
  • "See What's Better" web tile (GIF & JPG files)
  • "There's More to Learn" web tile (GIF & JPG files)
  • "Learning Gets Social" web tile (GIF & JPG files)
  • Blackboard Learn Header and Footer graphics (JPG)

Video and web resources

The following list includes additional videos and web resources that we recommend you share with your educators and students:

  • Blackboard Learn Quick Hit Video Playlist: This YouTube playlist includes short feature introduction videos.
  • 9.1 Feature Showcase: Dive deep into the individual features and workflows for all service packs in Blackboard Learn 9.1.
  • Cohort Programs: Invite your educators to join Blackboard and their peers for a webinar series on topics such as the latest service pack, digital content, and more.
  • Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS): Invite your educators to this training initiative that was developed to help augment (not replace) your internal training efforts. Harnessing our community of users, BITS will share the top strategies and pedagogy for both increasing educator efficiency and improving learning outcomes. Educators can register for live webinars or watch recordings of past events.

If you have any comments on the tools you see on this page or if there is a tool that you want us to add, please send us your feedback.