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Blackboard Help

Cloud Settings

Cloud settings control the connection of an individual Blackboard Learn instance to Blackboard cloud services. Cloud settings are available on the System Administration panel under Cloud Management. Settings include:

  • Cloud Connector: Creates the connection between Blackboard Learn and centrally located cloud services.
  • Cloud Profiles and Tools: When the Cloud Profile and Tools option is enabled, users have access to create basic profiles and search for users by profile information. The cloud connector must be turned on first.
  • Cloud Settings: Controls how cloud features display in Blackboard Learn and in third party networks like Twitter and Facebook. Cloud settings only appear if cloud services are enabled.
  • Reported Items: Displays a queue of profiles that have been reported by users as inappropriate. Administrators can take action to remove items or block users based on school policies and procedures.

To learn more, see Cloud FAQs and Cloud Management.