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Content Editor

The newly designed content editor vastly improves the user experience for adding text and other forms of digital content to Blackboard Learn. The new content editor is based on the industry standard TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. The new content editor is delivered as a building block extension for optimal maintenance and integration.

  • Collapsed and expanded views help users control screen space.
  • A new math equation editor is included mathML (WIRIS).
  • The content editor is always on for users so they no longer have to explicitly opt in or opt out.
  • Spell check and the math editor options are controlled separately at the administrator level. They can be set at the system, course and organization levels.
  • Administrators can control the spell check dictionaries from the Tools page. There are three dictionaries included in Learn. Additional open source dictionaries can be downloaded from the internet and installed.
  • Administrators can control the math editor image service settings from the Tools page.
  • The create reusable object option has been removed from the content editor but users can still create reusable objects from course files or the Content Collection.
  • Administrators can extend the existing font family in the content editor to include non-system fonts such as Hellenistic Greek. Two resource bundles, font.override, and font.addition, allow you to override the set of default fonts or include additional fonts in the default set.

Additional editing capabilities have been added.

For text:

  • Correct copy and paste from Microsoft Word
  • Align Full
  • Find/Replace
  • Blockquote
  • CSS editing
  • Insert non-breaking spaces
  • Symbols
  • Emoticons

For tables:

  • Setting row and cell properties
  • Insert and delete rows and cells
  • Splitting and merging cells

For media:

  • Consolidation of media selections under a single toolbar
  • Automatic HTML validation 

To learn more, see Content Editor and Using the Content Editor.