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Enterprise Surveys

Enterprise surveys and course evaluations are integrated in Blackboard Learn making it easy to send surveys to courses, departments, institutions or the public. This does not replace the course surveys tool available to teachers inside their course to poll their students. Rather this tool is made available to survey administrator and survey manager accounts to create, send, and analyze surveys on an institutional level.

Survey reports can display aggregate results, analyzing data across courses and business units. Survey reports can display longitudinal results, analyzing data across time periods such as terms or years.

If your school licenses the Outcomes Assessment module, all of your existing data will be available for reporting as long as all Blackboard Learn courses are linked to the appropriate Outcomes sections prior to upgrade. To understand and prepare for transition from Outcomes to course delivery, read Transition of the Course Evaluation and Survey tool from Outcomes to Enterprise Surveys in Course Delivery available on Behind the Blackboard. 

To learn more, see Enterprise Surveys.