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Upgrade Information and Instructions

There is a direct upgrade path to SP10 from Service Pack 7, Hotfix 1 and higher. If you are moving from SP9 to SP10, all of the information that you need to know is included in the SP10 Release Notes. If you are moving from SP8 or SP7, you should also review information on the releases between your current version and SP10 to make sure that you have information on all of the changes that you will see.

Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP10 only supports an Enterprise license. If you are running Blackboard Learning SystemTM - Basic Edition or Blackboard LearnTM - Basic Edition you must move to an Enterprise version of Learn to upgrade to SP10. A Basic license can only be upgraded as far as 9.1 SP9. Contact your Blackboard Learn account representative for advice on the paths to transition from the Basic license to an Enterprise version.

Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP10 only supports a 64-bit environment. You must be operating in a 64-bit environment to use any direct upgrade path to SP10. If you are currently running any of these service packs in a 32-bit environment, you must migrate to a 64-bit environment first. This is especially relevant to Academic Suite 8.0 SP7 running on Windows. More information on migrating to a 64-bit environment is available here.

Important information before performing the upgrade

How to run the updater for Blackboard Learn SP 10

Direct Upgrade Paths

The following releases have been tested and can be upgraded directly to Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP10. SP8 includes a lot of new features including a new system theme. Be sure to review the data on new features, security fixes, and performance information. SP9 is much smaller in terms of new features. It does have some important technical changes that you should review.

Indirect Upgrade Paths

Here are the paths to get to SP10 from releases earlier than SP7, Hotfix 1. These upgrades require you to first upgrade to a release that supports a direct update before continuing. Make sure to read all of the release notes for all of the Service Packs between your current release and SP10. You can find the release notes for all of the 9.1 Service Packs here.

Indirect Upgrade Paths
Previous Version Suggested Path
9.1 SP7
(Build 9.1.70081.0)
  1. Upgrade to 9.1 SP7 Hot Fix 1
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.
9.1 SP6
(Build 9.1.60230.0)
  1. Upgrade to 9.1 SP8.
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.
9.1 SP5
(Build: 9.1.50119.0)
  1. Upgrade to 9.1 SP7 Hot Fix 1.
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.
9.1 SP4
(Build: 9.1.40071.3)
  1. Upgrade to 9.1 SP6.
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP8.
  3. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.
9.1 SP3
(Build: 9.1.30151.0)
  1. Upgrade to 9.1 SP5.
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP7 Hot Fix 1.
  3. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.
9.1 GA, SP1, SP2
  1. Increment through the service packs to 9.1 SP5.
  2. Upgrade to 9.1 SP7 Hot Fix 1.
  3. Upgrade to 9.1 SP10.

Paths for Importing and Restoring Courses

The following table identifies the supported paths for importing or restoring a course that was exported or archived from Blackboard Academic Suite. Certified paths are fully tested and supported by Blackboard. Compatible paths are not fully tested but should function correctly based on past performance.

Note: Paths for importing and restoring courses are not backward compatible. Courses may be imported or restored to a newer version, but courses from a newer version may not be imported or restored to an earlier version.

Indirect Upgrade Paths
Source Support
Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 Certified
Blackboard Learn Release 9.0 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite 8 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite 7 Certified
Blackboard Academic Suite 6 Certified
Blackboard ML Certified
Blackboard 5.5* Certified
Blackboard 5.0* Compatible
CourseInfo Not Supported
Blackboard Vista and CE 8.0.5 or higher Certified
Blackboard Campus Edition 4.1.7 Certified
ANGEL LMS 7.3 Not Supported
ANGEL LMS 7.4 Certified
ANGEL LMS 8.0 Certified

*Blackboard 5 and Blackboard 5.5 did not include an Archive and Restore function. Courses from these releases may be imported but courses cannot be restored with user data and interactions intact.