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Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Learning Tools Interoperability is an initiative managed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium to seamlessly integrate learning applications used by instructors into their courses. It includes a standard protocol for establishing a trusted relationship between the tool provider and the Learning Management System, so that students and teachers can have a seamless, integrated experience of using the tool within the context of their course.

Part of setting up the connection between Learn and external LTI provided involves setting up a context identifier. This identifier ensures that no identifying information about the course or user is exchanged with the tool provider. Beginning in SP 13, the context identifier is a universally unique identifier (UUID) generated by Learn. Previously the context identifier was either the Learn Batch ID or Primary Key of the object, depending on how the tool provider had been registered.

To Learn More

To learn more, see Learning Tools and Interoperability (LTI).